PSCS (Project Supervisor Construction Stage)

Project Supervisor Construction Stage (PSCS)

PM Project Management Ltd offers expert services as a Project Supervisor for the Construction Stage (PSCS). This crucial role is a cornerstone in ensuring the safety and health of all individuals involved in a construction project, as mandated by Irish construction regulations. Our service is tailored for construction companies, building contractors, quantity surveyors, and subcontractors who prioritise safety and compliance in their operations.

Ensuring Safety Through Expert Supervision

With over 36 years of experience in the construction industry and a dedicated focus on health and safety, our qualified PSCS professionals are adept at managing safety risks during the construction stage.

Our PSCS Services Include:

Commitment to Health and Safety

As PSCS, we are committed to upholding the highest health and safety standards. Our approach is not only about meeting legal requirements but also about fostering a culture of safety on-site. Our team's expertise and vigilant monitoring make a significant difference in minimising risks and ensuring a safe construction stage.

Broad Experience in Diverse Projects

Our PSCS services have been effectively implemented across various sectors, including Hotels, M&E Contractors, New Build Apartments, Housing Developments, and more. We understand the unique challenges of different types of construction projects and tailor our approach to meet those specific needs.

Partner with Us for a Safer Construction Stage

If your project requires a dedicated and experienced Project Supervisor for the Construction Stage, look no further than PM Project Management Ltd. Contact us to learn more about our PSCS services and how we can contribute to the safety and success of your construction project.

Other Services

We offer Service Plans for all Levels of Contract Services. If you are an SME looking to retain our services monthly for the duration of a Specific Contract or a Larger Company seeking an SLA for a one-off Project that is proving difficult to bottom out. We offer a Pay-as-you-go service for Smaller Subcontractors where cash flow is at a premium.