Assigned Certifier

Working with the Assigned Certifier for Smooth Project Execution

Seamless Collaboration with Assigned Certifiers

Your Partner in Navigating BCAR Compliance.

Our expertise lies in facilitating a seamless collaboration between your project team and the Assigned Certifier. We understand the importance of this partnership in ensuring that your construction projects not only meet but exceed BCAR standards.

Working with an Assigned Certifier is a critical component to achieving compliance with Building Control Amendment Regulations. Our role is to ensure that this collaboration is efficient, effective, and geared towards the successful certification of your project.
Here’s how:

Why Work with Us?

Our expertise in fostering productive collaborations with Assigned Certifiers sets us apart. We provide the guidance, support, and services necessary to navigate the BCAR compliance process efficiently, ensuring your project’s success from the ground up.

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Partner with us for your next project and experience a streamlined BCAR compliance process. Together, we’ll ensure your projects are built correctly and certified without delay.

Other Services

Our company offers tailored service plans for all contract levels, specialising in quick, cost-effective adjudication and personalised mediation to protect cash flow and relationships. We provide expert witness services, alternative dispute resolution, and contract proofreading to ensure compliance and security, supporting clients efficiently through construction and dispute resolution.