A Mechanical and Electrical Subcontractor had been instructed to undertake the Installation for a well-known Supermarket Chain’s Plant Rooms. 

The Supermarket’s proximity to the City Centre meant they had space constraints and decided to Install a Modular building of sorts to encapsulate their Plant Room and Storage Room to be placed on the Rooftop.

Due to the lightweight construction of the walls and as an afterthought by the Supermarkets Engineer, it was decided that all plant would be installed on the floor of the Modular Building because the walls would not support the weight of industrial pumps, etc. But when the Installation was completed, the Plant Room had also taken up a lot of the space required for storage.

As a result of the overspill of Plant Room Equipment, the Supermarket was reluctant to pay our Clients, which was understandable but not justifiable under the Contract.

After short negotiations, we secured payment for our Clients, who negotiated a Contract to build a Steel frame to carry heavy weight and reinstall the Plant Room equipment at a high level, returning the space that the Supermarket had wanted for storage in the first place.