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Welcome to PM Project Management, where we merge 36 years of unparalleled expertise in Construction Dispute Resolution with the dynamism of modern construction practices. Based in the heart of Dublin, our footprint extends across Ireland and the UK.

Who Are We?

PM Project Management is not just another name in the construction industry. We are specialists committed to:

Construction Dispute Resolution: We’re your first point of contact when a disagreement strikes.

Comprehensive Legal Services: From Conciliation, Mediation, Arbitration, Adjudication, Contract Proofreading, Collateral Warranty compliance, Contractual Insurance advice through to Litigation.  We’re resolution-driven, always prioritising the most efficient means to an end

Why Choose PM Project Management?

We are specialists who only work in Construction Resolution

Experienced and Qualified

Experienced and Qualified: Our team is led by professionals holding a BA Hons PG Dip in Construction Law with a rich history spanning over three decades. As proud members of the Construction Law Society (No.12806), our credibility is etched in stone.

Unique Insights

Did you know? Arbitration is entrenched in the Statute and mandates genuine adherence before any legal action is contemplated. Intricate details like these, combined with our insights, set us apart.

Cost-effective Solutions

We believe that the best solutions are just and cost-effective. Our approach ensures all parties can continue trading with minimal disruptions.

Vigilant Advocacy for Contractors

Contractors' rights are enshrined within the Construction Contract Act 2013. We ensure these entitlements are both recognised and upheld.

Who Do We Serve?

Confident contractor on construction site

A Broad Spectrum

Whether you're a Contractor, Subcontractor, Investor, or a professional in Monitoring Surveying Compliance, our expertise caters to all.

a customer in a hardware store sits on a crate of ceramic tiles

Particular Focus

Our clientele comes solely from the Construction Industry and Construction Merchants.

The PM Project Management Promise

Litigation should always be the last resort. Why dive into the tumultuous sea of legal procedures that are both pricey and unpredictable?

Instead, opt for Alternate Dispute Resolution (ADR). It’s not just about resolving conflicts; it’s about retaining control. Handing your case to Solicitors and Barristers often means spiralling costs and diminishing control.


Service Plans

We offer Service Plans for all Levels of Contract Services. If you are an SME looking to retain our services monthly for the duration…


A rapid dispute-resolution mechanism. Instead of the extended timeline of traditional legal processes, adjudication aims to resolve conflicts swiftly…

Contract Proofreading

Navigating the intricate world of construction contracts can be daunting, especially for Main Contractors…

Case Studies

Explore our detailed case studies, where PM Project Management’s Construction Law and Resolution expertise shines. Delve into real-world scenarios, uncovering our strategic approach and the tangible results delivered, highlighting our dedication to achieving optimal outcomes for our clientele.


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