We were instructed by a Developer who had employed a Nominated Subcontractor to undertake a Groundworks package with an RIAI Contract.

The Developer had provided SI Reports 1,2 and 3, along with a BIM Model to provide measures in Cart Off and Certified Cart Off.

The Subcontractor had used a Graduate for the Tender, and Procurement subsequently Subbed Out the Work, leading to a calamity of errors.

With the changeable Economic Challenges throughout 2022 and early 2023, the Nominated Subcontractor thought they would pass on their losses due to incompetence et al. to our Client in the guise of ‘Unforseeable Ground Conditions’.

Despite having provided all the Expert Reports concerning the Ground, upon our advice, our Client’s only liability was to provide an extension of time, which they did even though the Client was notified outside the contract parameters. The Subcontractor quickly withdrew their claim.